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What Is Precious Metal Trading

Precious metals such a gold and silver are popular investment options throughout the history of mankind. Due to their investment demand, scarcity, domestic and industrial consumptions, this creates high intrinsic value in precious metals to be treated as safe-haven assets.
Safe-haven assets mean that precious metals can be an insured investment that retains or increases in value during times of political turmoil or market volatility. Many seasoned investors hold metals as part of a balanced portfolio, as these are generally considered hedges against inflation.

Why Trade Precious Metals With Cooper Markets

Safe-Haven Asset

  • Most actively traded asset
  • Intrinsic value in the jewellery industry
  • Demand for industrial use
  • Insurance against weak markets

24/5 Trading Window

  • Trade anytime, anywhere
  • Choices of long or short positions

Personalised Account Management

  • Open an account is quick and easy with Cooper Markets
  • Practice trading forex on a demo account
  • Total transparency and control over your own account

Metal Pairings

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