What Is PAMM

PAMM is the abbreviation of Percent Allocation Management Module.

It is where an experienced fund manager opens up a PAMM Account, attract investor funding and trade with it, which the profits will be returned according to the portion of funds invested. In short, it is a form of pooled fund forex trading.

Why Invest PAMM With CP Markets

Consistent Profit
  • Experienced Fund Managers capable of consistently generating profit
  • 10% Minimum Monthly Average Revenue 
Effortless Passive Income
  • No need to execute trades yourself
  • No need to monitor market movements all the time
  • Free to pursue own interests while investment keeps growing
Personal MT4 Account
  • Segregrated funds stored in investors’ personal MT4 accounts
  • Investor have full control over withdrawal or deposit of their accounts
Safe Stop-Loss Level
  • Fixed 30% stop-loss level to protect investors
  • Investors can terminate PAMM contract* anytime 

Magnifying Rewards With CP Markets