Pound Sterling fell as Concerns on the battle of Boris Johnson against Covid-19

(06 April 2020) As the condition of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson worsens due to Covid-19 symptoms and was switched to the intensive care unit, Pound Sterling fell against the US Dollar and Euro on Monday.


According to UK government spokesperson: “Throughout this afternoon, the Prime Minister’s condition has deteriorated…he has been transferred to the intensive care unit of the hospital.”


In the worst-case scenario, Boris Johnson has asked British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to act on his behalf as there is no formal succession plan in place.


The Dollar was reported at 0.81990 against the Pound, rising for six consecutive days.


The Dollar continued to rise against Euro, Swiss Franc and Japanese Yen, signalling that global risk sentiment has improved. This turn could be caused by the stabilisation of Covid-19 death cases in the United States and Europe hotspots and the flattening of the pandemic curve.


The Dollar was reported at 0.9260 against the Euro; 0.97845 against the CHF, both rallied for six consecutive days. While the 109.177 against the Yen, rising for the four consecutive days.