Press Release: Grabbing the correct opportunities, Cooper Markets Launches Free Forex Trading Seminars For Self-Traders

(23 Jan, 2020) Emerging forex broker platform, Cooper Markets in cooperation with trading signals software provider Tipping Point (TT Point) held a few trading strategy seminars for forex self-traders in Kuala Lumpur on 12 & 23 Dec 2019, and  22 Jan 2020 to lead both new and experienced traders to familiarise with the trading strategies provided by TT Point software. Each session of these seminars were attended by 20 to 30 attendees from different parts of Malaysia, as well as some foreign guests.

The seminar included a mix of lectures, technical sessions, and case studies through interaction with the participants and practical training. Discussions revolved around personal trading experience, challenges faced, success stories, trading strategies as well as building social networks that will benefit the participants..

Forex market is a place full of opportunities, while many legendary figure earns from the forex market, there are others who failed too. To Cooper Markets, it is crucial that forex trading strategy classes have to be introduced to self-traders who are new to the industry. Therefore Cooper Markets held multiple seminars with trading indicators software, TT Point to enable our traders to identify the right opportunities on the forex market.

About CP Markets

Cooper Markets is a rapidly growing platform aiming to be one of the most secure and transparent Forex brokers in the competitive Forex industry. Offering clients a platform to trade derivatives instruments such as Forex, Metals & Energies, Commodities, CFD.

Cooper Markets assist clients in simplifying their trade and presents the opportunity to magnify rewards for our clients, providing the best trading services and facilities to both retail and institutional clients. Made possible by its strict policy of providing the best possible trading conditions to its clients and traders. Cooper Markets has positioned itself as the broker of choice for traders worldwide.