Press Release: Cooper Markets & Tradegenix Co-Hosted "The Magic of Technical Trading” Free Technical Strategy Workshop

(Sep 18, 2020 )

On Saturday, September 12 2020, Leading Forex Broker Platform Cooper Markets in cooperation with Professional Trading Strategy Coaches Tradegenix held a financial market trading strategy sharing workshop “The Magic of Technical Trading” for Mandarin–speaking financial market investors in Kuala Lumpur to learn the techniques behind technical trading to maximise their chances of gaining profit from the financial market.

Cooper Markets is committed to present the most secure and transparent platform for our traders; while Tradegenix aims to coach new or old traders for the right technical trading strategy and mindset, understanding the market trend, respect the risk and be prepared for the unexpected.

Free to attend for all visitors, this exclusively curated second class of “The Magic of Technical Trading” free workshop was held near Kuala Lumpur’s CBD, aiming to deliver key forex knowledge, technical trading techniques, and trading mentality to investors through in-depth knowledge sharing from experienced traders and coaches.

Opening the programme was Tradegenix’s coach Mr. Derrick to welcome the guests on their keen participation and brief introduction to the competitive advantage and services provided by Tradegenix.  Additionally, he shared insights about the current and forecasted economy trends, the opportunities in the financial markets, and who are the big players in the forex market.

“Reaching any goal in trading requires specific knowledge and technical skills. But then, it’s all mindset management. Trading doesn’t just reveal your character, it also builds it if you stay in the game long enough”— quoted Derrick on the topic of building a success trader mindset

Next, Mr Jerrick Tan, another speaker and coach from Tradegenix introduced an ice-breaking activity inspired by the financial market trading. The guests were shown candlestick charts of certain currencies and stocks, they are then invited to forecast the price trend and mimic the buy and sell activity with some props. The winners were awarded with cash vouchers.

From the ice-breaking activity, Jerrick shared to the guests on their trading mindset and the importance of knowing how to read the charts. The power and effect of technical skills and the potential of the market. Finally, the free workshop ended with many guests signing up for the Technical Trading Master Class on the spot.

About Tradegenix

Tradegenix is a company providing professional training and coaching in Financial Trading. At Tradegenix, we believe that no two traders are alike. All successful traders in the world have different trading styles. Utilizing specialized personality analysis and coaching method, we will guide our traders in finding their unique trading style to achieve financial freedom.

About Cooper Markets

Cooper Markets is a rapidly growing platform aiming to be one of the most secure and transparent Forex brokers in the competitive Forex industry. Offering clients a platform to trade derivatives instruments such as Forex, Metals & Energies, Commodities, CFD. Cooper Markets assist clients in simplifying their trade and presents the opportunity to magnify rewards for our clients, providing the best trading services and facilities to both retail and institutional clients. Made possible by its strict policy of providing the best possible trading conditions to its clients and traders. Cooper Markets has positioned itself as the broker of choice for traders worldwide.

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