Clients and investors are advised that Foreign Exchange Trading and speculation carries with it a high level of risk and may not suit each individual’s personal circumstances. Before deciding to trade with CP Markets, clients are advised to carefully consider their investment objectives, financial status, level of experience and risk tolerance. Clients should bear in mind the possibility of sustaining a partial or total loss of invested funds and therefore are advised not to invest capital that they cannot afford to lose.

CP Markets strongly advises clients to seek advice from an independent financial advisor if there are any doubts concerning the risks associated with foreign exchange trading.


CP Markets provides leverage for clients to trade on margin of up to a maximum of 1:500. For example, a trading contract on leverage of 1:200 will only require 0.5% of the contract value as margin. Small price movements in the underlying instruments will result in large potential gains/losses on the client’s trade.

However, trading on margin is a double edge sword where clients have the potential to both receive high rewards and at the same time sustain huge losses. Trading on margin carries a high level of risks and CP Markets strongly advises clients to evaluate their risk appetite and personal risk tolerance level before engaging in any trading activities using the leverage provided by The Company.

CP Markets hereby absolve itself from all liabilities in association with losses sustained by clients due to trading on margin and leverage.


Any opinions, news, research, analysis, prices or other information contained on this website or linked to from this website are provided as general market commentary and do not constitute to any sort of investment advice. Traders, readers and investors are advised that CP Markets does not guarantee the authenticity or veracity of the abovementioned information provided on our website and thus should only be treated as general references.

CP Markets is not liable in any circumstances for any loss or damage, including without limitation to any loss of profit which may arise directly or indirectly from the use or reliance on such information.


CP Markets uses internet-based trade execution systems which employs and rely on high-end network services to facilitate and host our database. Clients are advised that the system is not fool proof and there are glitches beyond our control and risks associated with utilising such a trading system. These include but not limited to: the failure of hardware, software and interrupted internet connection. In the occurrence of such unforeseen events, The Company reserves the right to void any affected orders.

CP Markets shall not in whatsoever manner be held responsible for communication failures, distortions and/or delays when clients trade via the internet. Nonetheless, clients are reassured that CP Markets employs full backup systems and contingency plans to effectivrly minimise the possibility of system failure occurrences.

Clients are warned that an order is received by CP Markets once its request reaches the Trading Server of The Company. The Company shall not be held liable for any delays in the transfer of information between the client’s devise and its Trading Server.


Clients are specifically warned that CP Markets shall not be held liable for the performance of its Trading Platform in the case where the client has attached and/or is using any third-party software with the said Trading Platform. Such third-party software include, but not limited to: Custom Indicators, Scripts, Expert Advisers developed with the MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4).

CP Markets does not give any warranty of the performance of such third-party software or the effects it might have on the operation of its system. Furthermore, all clients are explicitly warned that improper exploitation of the Trading Platform of CP Markets might cause poor performance and/or the failure of some or all of the mentioned Platform features, including but not limited to: Re-quote System, Login System, Execution System, Negative Balance Protection System, Price Feed System and others. Such failures and/or miss-performance might cause among other things:

  • Connection Failure: The Client’s Trading Platform to lose connection with The Company’s Trading Server.
  • Price Feed Failure: The temporary freezing of price movements on the client’s Trading Platform.
  • Execution Failure: Inability to process client orders and/or significant delay in the processing.
  • Negative Balance Protection Failure (Non Slippage): Inability to protect the balance of the Trading Account of the client from becoming negative i.e. Client has lost more than he has deposited. Clients are warned that CP Markets will not remove Negative Balances on its expense in all cases when it deems the Trading Style of the Client relies on forcing one or more of his Trading Accounts into Negative Balance or if its occurrence becomes systematic. Please note, this policy will apply to manual and software trading alike.

CP Markets monitors the performance of its Trading Infrastructure constantly and will take all possible steps in order to warn its clients on their behalf if improper exploitation of the Trading Platform is observed before it affects any orders. The Company however reserves the right to void / cancel some or all orders including pending orders, working orders (open positions) and closed orders that have benefited from a system failure or miss-performance caused by improper exploitation of its systems.

CP Markets specifically warns all clients that in the case where an automated system failure occurs, The Company will rely on manual human detection, assessment and intervention of the problem. Therefore, in the events described herein, any action on behalf of the employees of CP Markets will normally require time and cannot be compared to the speed with which computer systems work. The Company will always strive to react immediately or within 24 hours of the occurrence of the event. CP Markets does, however, reserve the right to react post factum in all cases when miss-performance or system failure is detected on a later stage without any time constraint.

Clients who have caused such miss-performance through their direct, indirect, deliberate or non-deliberate actions will not be reimbursed for incurred loses including losing positions / orders, missed profits and / or incurred negative balance. Clients are advised to consult the Order Execution Policy of CP Markets for more information on trading patterns and/or logic work that CP Markets considers to be abusive of its Trading Platform.

All clients are advised to read carefully all information contained in the terms and risk disclosure documents provided by the manufacturer of the Trading Platforms offered by CP Markets that are made available at the time of installation of the said Trading Platforms.

The following patterns of operation of Third-Party Software (such as MQL4 Expert Advisers for example) is considered inappropriate and abusive in nature by CP Markets. All clients are advised that CP Markets will deem Third-Party Software that engages in the said activities to have been the cause of system miss-performance in all cases when an affected order has been detected in the same Trading Account. Clients are advised not to use Third-Party Software that performs or relies on the following activities:

  • Log-ins and simultaneous operations from multiple locations (more than one IP address).
  • Systematic sending of more than one request including, but not limited to: Pending Order Requests, Order Modification Requests, Order Cancellation Requests, to the Trading Server within intervals of less than 30 seconds.
  • Generating large number of error messages within Trading Server and/or Client Trading Platform.
  • Sending more than one Execution Request of the same type, for example Buy or Sell and on the same Trading Instrument within a one second interval.